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Apply: Non-Degree

  • Non-Degree Seeking Students

    Students seeking to fulfill admission requirements for entering professional school in a health field can take can take prerequisites for many programs through the Microbiology & Cell Science program as a transient, non-degree seeking student. As a fully accredited institution, University of Florida offers these convenient online courses to prepare students for their future careers in health fields.

    An adviser can help you determine which courses might help you fulfill your goals.

    Contact the program advisor for more information on choosing non-degree seeking courses.

    Please note: The application and registration process for these stand-alone courses is different than the process for application to the Bachelor of Science degree.

    You can find the applications here:


    • Students taking online courses and who will not be ON CAMPUS – fill out portal A.
    • Students interested in taking MCB 3020L (only offered on campus) – Fill out portal B.
    • When filling out the application, choose:“THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL AND LIFE SCIENCES – Microbiology & Cell Science Distance”