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The Department of Microbiology and Cell Science (MCS) through the UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) works to generate new knowledge in microbial, molecular, cellular, and computational biology and extend our knowledge to undergraduate and graduate students as well as the general public. We always strive to conduct competitive and state-of-the-art science in many of today’s important biological problems.

We pride ourselves in the diversity of our faculty, student body, and curriculum. Our curricula at the graduate and undergraduate levels are intended to prepare our students for positions in academia, biomedical sciences, industry, and government. We foster and encourage collaborations with other units at UF as well as with other scientists at many institutions around the world.

The Microbiology and Cell Science graduate program supports the missions of the college and university to serve the nation’s and state’s critical needs by contributing to a well-qualified and broadly diverse citizenry, leadership and workforce through graduate education and to expand our understanding of the natural world, the intellect and the senses through graduate student research.

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