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  • Once you are admitted, please email the program advisor so that you can begin the registration process. The program advisor will register you for all the online Microbiology classes. If you already know what you want to take, please, email the course name and number to the program advisor as soon as possible. Please make sure you give this information to the program advisor before drop/add in each semester.

    Classes can fill up, especially if they are offered by departments outside of Microbiology and Cell Science. Do not wait until the last minute to register.

    Florida residents who will be taking transient courses after they are accepted need to complete and submit an Online Transient Student Application for courses taken at their local colleges. It is found at the FloridaShines website, where students must register for an account.


    Out of state students should contact the program advisor if they wish to take a course as a transient student.

    Newly admitted students must wait to submit this transient form until they are actually registered in a UF class.


    It is important for students to get all their holds cleared as quickly as possible so the department can register them, and they have a better chance of registering for local classes before all the seats are filled.

    Log into Student Self Service, select “Check Holds,” and complete all tasks. You cannot be registered until your holds are cleared. Contact the program advisor if you have any questions regarding clearing these holds.


    Effective Fall 2017, the Online B.S. in Microbiology and Cell Science is moving to UF Online. Once that transition takes place, all students will register themselves for classes through Student Self Service. If you have problems registering, please contact the UF Online One Stop.